Come June 1st Ugandans will start paying $0.05 tax to use Social Media, – Museveni was not bluffing

In Jewish circles, the country of Uganda is best known as the proposed location for a Jewish state, by Theodor Herzl a century ago, and for the spectacular Entebbe hostage rescue in Today, Uganda is the unlikely location of a devoted community of several hundred people who are not yet converted to Judaism, but who have clung to its tenets for nearly years. Unlike other groups who claim to be descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes, these Ugandans simply and wholeheartedly chose Judaism. I first heard about this community several years ago via an email. I was intrigued and started emailing their leader, Ribbi Enosh Keki Mainah. He shared their history and customs, and sent me photos. The Abayudaya was founded in by Semei Kakungulu, a warrior and distinguished ruler of one of the eastern provinces of Uganda.

The U.S. Christian Right and the Attack on Gays in Africa

Until , the Baganda were organized into a tightly centralized, bureaucratized kingdom. Between and , the Ugandan national government abolished all kingdoms. In , the national government reinstated the Kabakaship kingship by permitting the coronation of Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II as the thirty-sixth king of the Baganda.

Ugandans who use their smartphones to access social messaging services are to be taxed under a new law seen by critics as a government attempt to restrict internet freedoms.

This raised public fears that the Government had plans to lift the presidential age limit to help the incumbent president remain in power by amending Article b of the Constitution and to allow for compulsory acquisition of private land without prior and adequate compensation by amending Article 26 2 of the Constitution. Following the first reading, Bill No. Soon thereafter, on September 27, , a private members Bill Magyezi Bill seeking to amend Article b to remove the age limit was tabled amid protests from the political opposition and civil society.

Given the widespread opposition to both Bill No. During the February 18, general elections, the government shut down social media. After the elections, the government then presented the Uganda Communications Amendment Bill, The Bill seeks to amend section 93 1 of the Uganda Communications Act, to remove the requirement for parliamentary approval of regulations made by the Minister of Communications.

If the new Bill is approved by Parliament, it will give the Minister of Communications the power to control communications with wide discredition without approval from Parliament. This will erode the principle of checks and balances that section 93 1 of the Uganda Communications Act, sought to prevent.

Idi Amin’s island of slaughter for sale

I asked her to explain this and she came up with a lot of emotional explanations which had nothing to do practically with the two documents in question. I felt I should alert other Ugandans who may fall into the same trap and let them know that the two documents were just political propaganda than anything else. Propaganda simply means the systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

Actually, the best propaganda is indeed true, but it is up to us to question its applicability in a situation such as Uganda. Propagandists employ tactics that dehumanize those who support the opposing viewpoint through suggestion or false accusations. They influence public perception by disseminating negative and false information.

Ugandans raise volume on social media tax protests. as well as dating sites Tinder and Grindr, has been blocked unless users pay a shilling ($, euro) daily tax. SPEAKERS.

Early history of Uganda and History of Uganda The ancestors of the Ugandans were hunter-gatherers until 1, —2, years ago. Bantu -speaking populations, who were probably from central Africa, migrated to the southern parts of the country. They were followed in the s by British explorers searching for the source of the Nile. Uganda Protectorate In the s, 32, labourers from British India were recruited to East Africa under indentured labour contracts to construct the Uganda Railway.

In October , Uganda became a republic but maintained its membership in the Commonwealth of Nations. From the moment the British created the Uganda protectorate, the issue of how to manage the largest monarchy within the framework of a unitary state had always been a problem. Colonial governors had failed to come up with a formula that worked. Buganda never sought independence, but rather appeared to be comfortable with a loose arrangement that guaranteed them privileges above the other subjects in the protectorate — or a special status when the British left.

This is best demonstrated by the battle between the British Governor Cohen and the Kabaka and his subjects prior to Independence. The bitterness between these two parties was extremely intense especially as the first elections for the post-Colonial parliament approached.

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Uganda imposes WhatsApp tax

Nelson, 25, was carrying a purse. The names of all refugees in this story have been changed for their protection. This continued until Nelson managed to persuade them that the police officer was lying in an attempt to blackmail them into offering a bribe—a common practice in Kenya. The three gay Ugandans spent the night in that cell, until representatives from the sexual health clinic arrived in the morning and persuaded the police to let them go.

Upon leaving the jail, Nelson says one officer threatened him: For months, nearly two dozen gay, lesbian and transgender Ugandans had been living in a large house on the outskirts of Nairobi in an area called Rongai.

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Hope Nabukenya is passionate about two things; music and children. She could have sought employment there instead, like many people from Africa do. When she came back home, she hit the studio and recorded a 10 track album. She also got her charity registered and kicked off working with the underprivileged children in many schools. I commend her for being brave and following her passions. So many people can only dream of the heights she has achieved at her young age. The Attendance The show was well attended.

The hall was filled to capacity and clearly, Hope will need a bigger venue for her next concert. She underestimated her abilities and popularity, considering she had been away in Germany for a few years. Eventually, more seats had to be brought in to accommodate the swelling crowd.

Gender Roles in Uganda

There are many political and cultural barriers which have hindered effective HIV prevention programming in Uganda. As a result, new HIV infections are expected to rise in coming years. While there have been increased efforts to scale up treatment initiatives in Uganda there are still many people living with HIV who do not have access to the medicines they need. Punitive laws and stigmatising attitudes towards men who have sex with men, sex workers, and people who inject drugs has meant that these groups most vulnerable to infection are far less likely to engage with HIV services.

Explore this page for more information on populations most affected , testing and counselling programmes , prevention programmes , antiretroviral treatment , civil society’s role , HIV and tuberculosis , barriers to prevention and the future of HIV and AIDS in Uganda. In , an estimated 1.

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During the service at the Anglican Shrine, Kampala archdiocese Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga asked Ugandans to repent over the widespread kidnaps and killings of women and children. Archbishop Lwanga, flanked by his Anglican counterpart Stanley Ntagali, pointed out that we have lost many people through kidnaps and murder and urged Ugandans to use this time to repent and ask God for forgiveness.

He also called upon the security agencies to quickly bring kidnaps to an end. Kidnaps have become so rampant in the country, with the media reporting cases almost on a daily basis. Some victims are gruesomely killed, others are released while some are never seen again. The first wave of similar incidents started with the disappearance of young women in areas of Entebbe and Wakiso where a woman disappears and the body is later discovered in a bush. In most cases, the victims are found to have been raped before being killed.

Some of the bodies were discovered with twigs inserted in the mouth and private parts.

Kampala City Guide

They hesitate before authority and plead for their rights in the language of mercy. The government says the camps harbour al-Shabab terrorists. In May it abruptly disbanded its department for refugee affairs and said it would close Dadaab by May , without explaining how such a massive operation might be carried out. Some saw the announcement as a ruse to extract more money from donors, who have been distracted by the Syrian crisis.

Previous pledges to close Dadaab have come and gone, yet this time the government seems more determined. For years donors have urged Kenya to allow refugees to integrate, by loosening restrictions on work, opening up to investment in infrastructure or allowing them to move out of the camps.

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My universal social media rule is “It is not a dating site” and I keep emphasizing this from the moment you add me to your group until I annoy you or you learn to live with it. Now let me take some time off and behave like am a teacher even when my very good English doesn’t allow me to be one. Ugandans take social media for granted and majority of them can be dubbed “jokers” and it becomes the true description of you. In these groups we don’t add someone through proxy that is to say, we don’t add you just because we have your number in our phone book or your errant friend recommended you.

Thereby the admin informs about the rules of engagement one of which is that you must at all times post in correct English. Therefore you are added when you know the rules of engagement and you don’t join our groups through links. You know the consequences of breaking the rules and you comfortably enjoy the company of intellectuals from Canada to Germany, from Dubai to South Africa, from Rwanda, Zimbabwe to Sierra Leone, you get to understand the real importance of social media.

Back to Uganda case; I was added to a group called “Friends of D It was full of imbeciles writing horrible English and using voice notes all the time. When I raised my opinion, the illiterate graduates bashed me like no one’s business.


Ugandans raise volume on social media tax protests 24 July – In an unusual protest, a recorded message was broadcast from loudspeakers on Monday at strategic points across the capital Kampala, according to witnesses. The scheme has met angry opposition from users, some of whom have turned to virtual private networks VPNs to evade the fee while others have joined sporadic street protests. But open demonstration in the Ugandan capital Kampala is uncommon as police and security forces quickly put down dissenting voices with teargas, batons and in the case of a recent march against the social media tax, live fire.

Police intervened to seize the loudspeakers on Monday — but witnesses said the protest continued on Tuesday.

Sep 19,  · We dealt with several different companies in Kampala Uganda for the sale of Solar Panels. All sent fraudulent cheques. One company in paticular is Jovitcomputers, the owners name is Bob Ssemugenyi and his brothers name is Godfrey Ssemugenyi.

Traffic Clea and I have recently bought a new car. A boda boda is the name in Uganda for small motorbike taxis. Kampala has thousands of them, mostly chinese made Boxers. No helmets are provided. Using a boda boda to get around is in the same category as using petrol to light a BBQ or a hand grenade as a paperweight. The kind of thing your mother would be firmly against. While growing up my mother worried if I left the house wearing slightly damp clothes, she worried that I might fatally stab myself if I moved too fast while holding scissors.

Compared to running with scissors riding a boda boda is like brandishing a loaded hand gun while running down a steep hill, over rough ground, in the dark, drunk. A boda boda driver is happy to take two passengers and will even squeeze on three four people, one motorbike ; if you have a small child you can prop them on the handle bars. Luggage is also no problem. Possibly the most ludicrous thing I have seen transported by a single Boda is a sofa.

When not hindered by a sofa a Boda will always find a way through the traffic, even if this involves riding on the wrong side of the road, the wrong way around a round-about, on the pavement in the few places that pavements exist , or down a long muddy track for around yards through the middle of a slum and over a railway track. I know all of the above from first hand experience.

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