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Eric Wetlaufer On a Long Lasting Relationship Do you ever see couples who have been together for a long time and ask yourself how they have done it? It is something that I do as well, especially when it comes to my good friend from Wesson Eric Wetlaufer who has been with his girlfriend now for over 6 years, and they will probably wind up getting married and growing old together. I had a frank conversation with my buddy about how he has managed to not only stay with his partner for so long, but how they are still so happy with each other. I asked what the secret was and this is what he told me. Fidelity The first point which Eric made was about being faithful , something which should go without saying but many see things differently. A healthy relationship must be built upon trust and both men and women must ensure that they do all that they can to create an environment of trust. Honesty In most cases both parties are honest with each other but there are always some things that may be held back.

Eric Wetlaufer on Keeping Your Girlfriend Happy

I now have even greater passion for Pinot Noir than in April, , when I started the PinotFile newsletter to spread my enthusiasm. To read the story in its entirety, go to page With this issue, I am proud to present a new look to the PinotFile and the launch of my new Prince of Pinot website at www. It is remarkable to think about the changes in the world of Pinot Noir over the last seven years since the PinotFile began.

Make a big investment? First, try a small test of your big idea. Saudi Arabia Plans to Cut Its Oil Production November 12, The kingdom has moved to prop up oil prices, but the industry may face a long, hard slog over the coming year. Welcome to the first edition of With Interest — the most important business and tech news of this week and next. PADDOCK The tampering fueled a nationwide panic that severely hurt the industry, prompted copycat incidents and led some stores to stop stocking the fruit.

Now titans of finance seek his advice. Influencers are so And microinfluencers are so last week. Now advertisers see value in people with as few as 1, followers: Instead, it is fighting claims in court. But measures that punish accused guests are much more contentious. You would expect no less for such a big deal. The idea behind Qualtrics […] Ron Miller These antique phones are precious, private Alexa vessels November 12, Amazon’s Alexa may be in ten thousand different devices now, but they all have one other thing in common: The top media executives on the job market November 12, Keep an eye out for the next moves by these entrepreneurs and executives.

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Sando of the U. From the Beltian Altyn and Seyeh Limestones in the Lewis Range to the Mississippian Alien Mountain Limestone of the Sawtooths, inch sized, light gray, circular patterns comprised of a spiral of oval cell-like markings on the surface of rock crevices led Sando and colleagues on a merry paleontological who-done-it. The culprit, a holarctic bee named Osmia, was finally apprehended, as were his relatives among the Anthidianea in South Africa , when Sando found and Hurd examined a set of slabs with pupae present!

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Trivia Harry has written over 30 screenplays. Harry took up Karate in his 30’s and did not spar until he had gotten his 3rd, belt believing he was too old to compete. Harry then went undefeated in matches, winning a gold metal in the NC State Games. This course is considers by most governors to be the best deterrent to firearm accident among children. Harry has been a NRA firearms instructor for over 35 years.

He is rated as a Fire Arm Training Counselor, which enables him to train others trying to get their instructor’s rating. Harry has taught hundreds of civilians, military, and law enforcement officers in the tactical use of firearms and CCW classes. He is recognized as an expert firearms witness by the North Carolina Supreme Court. Served as Executive Director for Protect-A-Child, a national, non-profit organization to prevent abuse and abduction of children.

They have also served as a foster family to three different children. His family hosted a Brazilian exchange student for a year.

Suzy Welch and Eric Wetlaufer

Local woman arrested for allegedly injuring her mother posted: A local woman was arrested on misdemeanor warrants Thursday for allegedly injuring her mother last week by slamming a door on her foot and then damaging her phone so she couldn’t call for help. Local law enforcement participate in drug Take Back event posted: Organizations will partner to host a statewide drug Take Back event today and educate the public about the dangers posed by misused prescription medications.

Table of Contents Dear Fellow Shareholders: The meeting will be held at our Bermuda headquarters, Windsor Place, 3rd Floor, 22 Queen Street, in Hamilton, to vote on the matters described in the notice of the Annual General Meeting and the Proxy Statement that follow. We also encourage you to read our Annual Report on Form K to learn more about our performance. Our Board’s constant focus is on creating long-term value for our shareholders. This was our fifth consecutive year delivering earnings growth.

Enstar’s performance demonstrates that the business model our founders put in place two decades ago endures successfully and prospers across market cycles. Our differentiated claims management expertise drives profitability in legacy business. Our diversified underwriting businesses remain disciplined, navigating the current market challenges by selectively pursuing only quality growth, developing tailored products, and building distribution relationships and other new partnerships.

Acquisitions fuel our future earnings potential, and our Board understands that we must continue to grow. Key to this growth is staying true to our entrepreneurial spirit and continuing to innovate in sourcing, structuring, and closing on new opportunities. We also launched reinsurer KaylaRe in December in partnership with Hillhouse Capital and Stone Point Capital, and we are excited by the promise of this new venture. Your interests are vigorously represented in our boardroom.

Tea party rejoices, GOP establishment subdued after Cantor’s upset loss

Good to Very Good unless otherwise stated. Most have owner’s stamp, filing marks or vintage price on the cover. Please ask if you need more information on any item. Many papers older than about have some fading and minor wear on cover, and may have rusted staples.

The coast is a laboratory for place-specific winemaking. These West County Pinot Noir producers have longed to distinguish themselves from the more inland portion of the vast Sonoma Coast region which is a distinctly different environ. The WSCV is composed of West Sonoma Coast vintners and growers as well as wineries outside the region that source grapes from the area.

The Sonoma Coast AVA is defined by its coolness, with no more than 2, degree days of heat during the growing season, and most areas classified as Region I with less than 2, degree-days to ripen grapes. The growing season heat summation in degree days for major Pinot Noir growing regions in California, the Willamette Valley of Oregon, and Beaune in Burgundy are contrasted for the vintage in the graph below.

The West Sonoma Coast subdivision extends roughly from Jenner in the South where the Russian River empties into the Pacific Ocean to Annapolis in the North and from the beaches to 5 to 12 miles inland including the first three ridges of the Coastal Range of mountains, extending more easterly in the South to include Freestone, Occidental, Green Valley and Sebastopol Hills where the coastal ridges flatten out refer to map below.

Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Range of mountains, West Sonoma Coast is an environment buffeted by high winds, daily fog, and significant rainfall. There are an endless number of mesoclimates and soil types in the West Sonoma Coast, but the common denominator is the extreme coolness. Some have characterized the West Sonoma Coast as follows: Crops can be very small depending on the vintage and farming is not for the faint of heart.

Mike Bohan was the first to plant grapes in the West Sonoma Coast. In , he developed a 1, foot ridge top vineyard in remote Cazadero on Bohan Dillon Road. To this day, the Bohan Ranch sells all of its grapes.

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Nobody likes losing every cent they have invested in something. CPPIB had already written down the investment. And by the time I forget to slip on my Depends 20 years from now, CPPIB should be tracking close to half a trillion dollars under management, according to the actuaries. As countless politicians, think tanks and news stories have warned, Canadians are not saving enough on their own for their retirements.

To make things worse, the tradition of company-funded defined-benefit pensions is eroding and, come , Ottawa is going to make us wait longer for the Old Age Security benefit.

Yet it is prudent to remember that insider accounts have characterized management gurus as fallible propagandists. Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway has criticized the management self-help business. This is consistent with the case against management theory — incapable of self-criticism, incomprehensible gobbledegook, rarely rises above basic common sense, and faddish and bedevilled by contradictions — as posited by Economist staffers Micklethwait and Wooldridge What is the relevance of art and aesthetics in the practice and study of organizations and their management?

How can we better understand the management of creativity and innovation in complex knowledge flows between cultural production and consumption? The points of contact between the arts and management are many and complex. An interdisciplinary approach is required, given the diverse range of theoretical texts from disciplines that continue to be important on the writing about arts management. The desire is to offer assistance to students and researchers in identifying various signposts. Synthesis has been crucial.

Theoretical texts from a diverse range of disciplines — sociology of culture, cultural economics, museology, cultural policy, art history, and management including marketing, strategy, organization studies, and critical accounting — continue to have a profound impact on arts management writing.

Wetlaufer ’84 Joins CPP Investment Board as Senior VP

The sale of electronic books primarily electronic reprints of existing print titles will be moved to the TWTP group responsible for electronic promotion of Warner and Little, Brown print titles. The iPublish web site—designed to publish newly discovered authors—will be closed. The closing of iPublish will affect 29 employees. In making the announcement, Mr.

Cherokee Queer and Two-Spirit Memory , 2nd ed. University of Arizona Press, Ask a Queer Chick: A series of essays about lesbian life based on the advice column of the same name. Topics are written to address both queer and straight readers and include dating, sexual relationships, being out at work, and finding allies. A richly crafted memoir about a gay son and his aging octogenarian mother.

As her health declines, the son returns to the small Missouri town and the house he grew up in, from New York City, to care for her.

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He caught the fish on Sept. Fishing at the area is catch-and-release only. An innovative project developed cooperatively by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the city of Montrose has resulted in the establishment of a new state wildlife area for CPW and a new park for the city The Cerro Summit State Wildlife Area, a acre parcel that includes a acre reservoir, opened on Sept. As the city grew it became obvious that the Chipeta Lake parcel would be more valuable as a park.

This is dangerous territory. It’s all too easy to employ abstract and quasi-religious phrases when talking about something as seemingly ineffable as the process of literary creation; I shall endeavor to avoid doing so wherever possible. Please feel free to overlook those places where I fail. Show more In the following paragraphs I shall attempt to deliver a mini-poetics, or at the very least, try to clarify the main components of my thought process when writing these poems.

I may begin with a line or a vague idea of the subject matter, but as I write, it is tension that creates the poem. A former teacher once argued—correctly, I think—that language generates insight. If we agree that insight is a component “good” poetry, then it would follow that one needs first to generate language. This is where I start. I may begin a poem with a line that’s been rattling around in my head, but in order to generate language, I first generate tension.

I accomplish this on the level of the line. The method I employ most frequently to generate tension is a perhaps obsessive-compulsive attention to line length. I try to make each line in a poem or section approximately the same length. This generates tension by forcing me to carefully consider my words—if a line’s too long, I obviously need a shorter word, and vice versa.

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