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Grace Kelly put Mark Cross leather goods in the spotlight when she carried a specially created overnight case in the movie “Rear Window”. Max Holzman designed this overnight case for Mark Cross Company. When the Sara Lee Corporation bought the Mark Cross Company in the early 90’s the company tried to bring the Mark Cross Company back to life by recreating some of the box purses from the Grace Kelly era. Also Barbara Bolan was commissioned to design some softer shaped handbags to appeal to the younger generation. But unfortunately none of these new ideas helped and the remaining seven stores were closed in The cases were sold in colors of black, red and brown.

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I’ll share a few helpful tips and tricks I’ve learned. Then, I’ll put them to work to show you how I determined the age of some vintage handbags. Each of these purses will soon be available for purchase in my shop! Is there a brand label? The following sources are great for researching these identifiers. Each designer or brand has its own page that tells the history and lists examples of labels from different eras.

Dec 30,  · Authentic vs fake: A history of the Coach creed and serial #’s. My grandma grew up in New York and made frequent trips back, apparently to buy purses! Authentic vs fake: A history of the Coach creed and serial #’s. Hi Hyacinth! This thread was created back in by someone who only posted on this forum twice.

The micro beaded purses well over 20 beads per inch are quite esteemed as well as the specialty Venetian scenics, Victorian figurals, intricate rug designs, animal, Egyptian and Oriental themes. Today these works of art have become one of the hottest collectibles in the marketplace. Their exceptional workmanship make them prey for the lover of lost art forms. Not only are these handbags not being reproduced but there are very few dedicated people willing to take on their needed repairs and tedious restorations.

Cherished by women and men alike, collectors recognize the humbling, time consuming efforts put into each and every handbag as well as their continuing increase in value, a sound indicator for investing. Certain bead colors can also help date an earlier purse such as cornflower blue and brick red. Beaded drawstring bags, called the reticule, also have distinct characteristics. Although there are exceptions, the basic early ‘s reticule is a knitted design of three horizontal parts.

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Coach Creeds, Logos, Hangtags For the most current version, please visit: Coach has been making high-quality leather goods since its inception in There is a rich and interesting history to the company and its beginnings.

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I spend all my spare time looking for the best original flapper headpieces! OK, perhaps I exaggerate I still have a life If I had a collection, it would be of 20s headpieces. And to be honest, I have one or two that I have owned for so long, that they have become my “children”, so hard to sell those. Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to find these.

Need help figuring out if my bubble cut barbie is old or reproduction.

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In case you have no idea what the Dining Plan is, be uure to check out this in-depth Disney Dining plan guide, I put together. In short, the Disney Dining Plan is system in which once Disney World resort guests prepay for their Dining Plan, they can then pay for their meals and snacks using credits. Since this packaged is prepaid, you have the ability to either eat more than what you paid for, or worse eat less. These credits are for snacks, table service restaurant meals, quick service meals, and even Fine Dining meals depending on your plan.

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Saving money is cause for celebration enough, but what about finding and therefore gaining more money in a thrift store? Follow these 6 ways to look for money at a thrift store, and you may end up leaving with more cash in your pocket than when you first entered! A regular reader tipped me to his secrets of discovering dough in the depths of his favorite thrift, flea and yard sailing spots.

Poke your head under desks for envelopes of money literally taped onto its bottom. Especially when a person is sharing living quarters with a roommate they may not trust, keeping their cash away from the visible eye becomes all too-important and if they have a tip-based job, even more so.

Somewhere in Time offers Denver’s largest collection of quality vintage costume jewelry. Vintage pieces dating from the mid victorian era through the ′s create a visual feast for the eyes.

Strong, founded the Eastman Dry Plate Company in In celluloid roll film was introduced, and in , the company name was changed to its final form, the Eastman Kodak Company. The first cameras were simple wooden boxes, with the shutter cocked by a No. Eastman was greatly aided in his camera development by Frank Brownell, a cabinet maker who turned to the manufacture of cameras in the early s. Brownell designed most of the early Kodak cameras, and was responsible for the design of the famous Brownie cameras, which for the first time brought snapshot photography within reach of the masses.

Once Kodak was firmly established in the consumer mass market, Brownell No. These early folding Kodaks resembled a square carrying case, with a front dropping down to form the bed and focusing rail, while the top opened. While large and bulky, they established a style of camera that, starting around the turn of the century, was to evolve into the small folding camera that was to dominate photography for the next forty years.

Kodak Corporation had such a profound impact on the art and science of photography that it is easy to overlook George Eastman as a historical figure. A unique, caring and talented individual, he cared deeply about his many employees, frequently dispensing large portions of his considerable personal fortune to provide bonuses for his workers. He was an extraordinarily generous philanthropist as well as an art collector. An extraordinarily creative inventor and innovator, he was one of the first American industrialists to employ a full-time research scientist.

Plagued by serious ill health in his later years, he gradually gave away most of his fortune, wrote a note to his friends, and made the decision to take his own life on March 14, at the age of For me, the greatest appeal of working with cameras of this vintage is the satisfaction proving that such neglected old relics can produce work that is of gallery quality in an era of multi-megapixel digital imaging.

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Having a collection of classic or antique golf clubs is not an unusual hobby. Developing a valuable collection, on the other hand, is a very different commitment. Like wine or antiques, classic and vintage golf clubs can appreciate in value over time. Not every club appreciates or appreciates in the same way, however. Era, historical significance, rarity and condition are just a few of the factors influencing price, and this influence can be significant.

Era Some historians say the game of golf has been around for more than years.

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I am disappointed and a little bit sad. I entered my first sew-along, and what happened? I broke my toe. Then I got sick, for about 2 weeks a ghost. My daughter got sick too. And now September is over. I’m glad the little girl is well again, the toe is healing it was the second accident this year I will finish my dress, promised.

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This included Darrow’s inventory of game parts. PB immediately began selling Monopoly games using the Darrow game parts. About 24, – 25, of these were maunfactured. This included a small number of the No 9 long box, very rare today. Over , games were produced with this label.

Dating mesh bag com. Whiting & Davis Purses: The Perfect Mesh (Schiffer Book for Collectors) The Whiting & Davis purse is the epitome of the mesh bag. For over one hundred years, these “shimmery pieces of splendor” have graced the fashionable Vintage Purses: at Their Best, with Price Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors) Whiting & Davis Mesh.

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