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Director Ken Russell, The original enfant terrible has died. So was the bulk of the music collection which inspired him to make his groundbreaking films about composers in the s. There is, however, one part of the Russell archive which has survived, for the simple reason that for 50 years it had never once been in his possession. In the s, after giving up on a career as a dancer, Russell freelanced as a photographer. Submitting work to the Pictorial Press agency, his photographs appeared in publications such as Illustrated Magazine and Picture Post. So did everyone else. They remained unexhumed even when Pictorial Press was bought by TopFoto 30 years ago. It was only in that the bulk of the archive was discovered in a box.

Dual Format Twin Lens Reflex Cameras?

I use these cameras regularly. Some are easier to use than others. If you want to spend more, get one with the mm Heliar lens.

Come check out my range at the Australia Photographic Collector’s Society Camera Market, Sunday September 16 at Box Hill Town Hall, Melbourne from 9am. For Sydney customers, simply enquire to .

Includes related history and 19th-century advertisements. Features antique cameras, early darkroom items, photo advertisements, and ephemera described and illustrated. Gallery, history, interactive “BrownieTalk” forums and great Links. Pricing and information on more than 23, cameras. Some Instruction books reproduced 3D Projects and Solutions – Personal web page for 3D photographers and collectors with solutions, suggestions and ideas on how to get the best from your 3D camera.

Ensign Cameras – Site for collectors of ensign cameras. Repair tips, comprehensive Links, and images of selected cameras from our collections.

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In the Field – Camera Cameras: When it comes to landscape photography and film, there’s no substitute for negative size! So all images on this site were taken with either medium format or large format cameras. Earlier images were taken on medium format cameras: Both these cameras use film, and provide negatives that are 6cm x 6cm or 6cm x 4.

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Were the distances revised from experience or the distances different in different versions? There is a physical difference between early and late versions – see below. An important point to note is that the viewing lens, the larger of the two, because of the built-in parallax correction, has a red mark to indicate correct orientation. The chrome lens below has a small red circle and the following black lenses have a red dot visible in the third photo. This is not mentioned in the instruction leaflet that I have.

Below is an earlier No. It has the earliest type case and text found, certainly no earlier than Of course, the receptacle also accepts Bay 1 filters. There is a Japanese brochure featuring the Yashica Mat G and a pair of close-up kits with the chrome bezels still. The two all black No. There maybe an improvement of some sort, noting the slight widening of the focusing range insignificant for the No. Early left and late right, same type as above No.

Note that the taking lenses look virtually identical except for a minor difference in letter spacing.

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French TLRs Not generally so well known or valued as the Germans, but France produced some interesting models in the ’30s and ’50s. Some don’t stand the test of time so well though. My analysis of the SEM models and others is based upon the definitive text:

Condition 5/E. Beautifully made professional camera. Rare – some sources suggest that less than of these were manufactured. However all the known serial numbers are within the range, suggesting that a production quantity of less than would be more accurate.

This Rokkor had a very stiff focusing ring. So stiff that after a couple of hours outside on a November day it was barely moving at all. The first step was to remove the trim ring from the front of the lens. A lot of care is needed because any mistake in handling it will lead to either a scratched black ring and usually these scratches tend to be deeper than the paint layer or worse, a scratched or even chipped lens. After the trim ring has been removed, you can see three more rings holding in place the entire optical group to the helicoid, the front optical group to the aperture system and the lenses from the front optical group together resectively.

For the moment just unscrew the first ring the brass-looking one. You can now remove the entire optics and aperture system from the lens body. You will notice a brass ring to the front of the assembly. To clean the apertures just drop some lighter fluid I have a Zippo can on the blades while working them back and forth with the aperture pin. Repeat this a couple of times and then leave it alone to dry.

They only need to be perfectly clean to work. The aperture pin must engage the brass connector on the lens body and the tab on the aperture system must engage the slot in the inner helicoid as marked in the image below.

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The Leica M3 is the best rangefinder camera ever made along with the Nikon SP, and with difference the best choice to attach it standard 50 mm lenses thanks to its extraordinary 0. Front top area of the Leica M3 where we can see the window of its 0. Sixty-two years after its launching into market in , the Leica M3 keeps on boasting the best viewfinder made in the world hitherto far superior to the cream of the crop of current digital professional cameras with different sensor formats in the reflex and mirrorless scope alike , followed by the top-notch viewfinders of the also analog cameras Nikon SP, Olympus OM-1, Leica R8 and Leica R9.

It was inserted in a black housing with a double spring device working automatically and without shaking in the FW it was installed inside a cradle under the right wing and connected to the guns , albeit it could also be used handheld by the crew. This was a small but heavy camera, lacking any RF or light meter but with a comprehensive range of lenses manufactured by Schneider-Kreuznach and Zeiss for it between 30 mm and mm and featuring 26 mm screw mounts.

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I remember the first one I bought from the guy who fixed my LCA. He had this nice little camera with the old Lomo logo stamped on with all those symbols, and a really well made leatherette case that put shame in so many well branded cameras. That really grab my attention! The other two I guess I came across while searching for junk cameras on ebay, just found them by chance and I remember paying almost nothing for them. Smenas were made by the Lomo factory in the former URSS so you can expect very good lens hard-coated 3 elements fitted in smelly plastic body.

Some of the camera’s features are flash synchronisation in all speeds, cable realease socket, tripod mount and the B mode. It’s really hard to believe you have all these features in such a cheap plastic body! But the great thing about these cameras in my opinion is the ability to make anyone take good photographs with the minimum knoledge. The clever symbol system where everything can be quickly set in order to give the photographer the correct combination of shutter speed and aperture without having to know about photography is what makes the camera even more special.

Select the film ISO by rotating the front ring around the lens and you’ve got yourself already the correct aperture, choose the weather symbol accordingly and the appropriate shutter speed it’s set, the focus ring comes with symbols as well to simplify the process, just like the Diana and Holga cameras.


You need a bigger format! You need something with depth and charisma! You need to shoot medium format. But with so many cameras to choose from, how do you know which is right for you? Before we get going, you might be wondering why you should bother shooting medium format?

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Twin-lens reflex camera — A twin-lens reflex camera is a type of camera with two objective lenses of the same focal length. One of the lenses is the objective or taking lens, while the other is used for the viewfinder system. In addition to the objective, the viewfinder consists of a degree mirror, a focusing screen at the top of the camera. The two objectives are connected, so that the focus shown on the screen will be exactly the same as on the film.

For practical purposes, all TLRs are film cameras, most often using film, although there are examples which used film, film. This sort of approach was used as late as the s. The TLR camera was thus an evolution, using a reflex mirror to allow viewing from above also enabled the camera to be held much more steadily than if it were to be held in the hand.

When this process was automated, the movement of the mirror could cause shake in the camera, the London Stereoscopic Cos Carlton model is claimed to have been the first off-the-shelf TLR camera, dating from The major step forward to mass marketing of the TLR came with the Rolleicord and then Rolleiflex in , the Rolleiflex was widely imitated and copied and most mass-market TLR cameras owe much to its design.

In addition, many have a sports finder consisting of a hole punched in the back of the pop-up hood. Photographers can sight through these instead of using the matte screen and this is especially useful in tracking moving subjects such as animals or race cars, since the image on the matte screen is reversed left-to-right. The Mamiya TLRs also employ bellows focusing, making extreme closeups possible, many TLRs used front and back cut-outs in the hinged top hood to provide a quick-action finder for sports and action photography.

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